Have you be anytime in a village with < 100 pupulation?

If you visit any of them you will see that they are surprising and welcoming places, with a great historical, cultural, patrimonial and natural heritage.

And full of authentic people, happy to receive you.

The most unique and special ones have been grouped in LessthanHundred, a select international net of places with less than 100 population.

The LessthanHundred Net is a new touristic offer for all those people who seek to live authentic experiences marked by quality and innovation and a new net of places to develop vital and professional projects.

All LessthanHundred places have been involved in a process that guarantees that people which visit them can enjoy the best cultural and natural offer, but also accommodation and restoration without leaving them.

This make the LessthanHundred experience unique.

If you are interested in been part of this small club of “LessthanHundred”, get in touch with us to know the requeriments, when you are in the < 100 net, you will get:

  • Use an innovative and excellent quality brand. This will provide you with international presence and will allow you to access to international markets.

  • Being part of an exclusive net and a selective club, which main characteristic is the commitment towards the quality of its members.

  • Being part of a differentiated touristic offer that is marketed by a group.

  • Developing actions to fight against depopulation and preserving survival.

  • Developing new possibilities for economical development and employment.

  • Having a method available, to define an Action Plan which is coherent with the values of authenticity, sustainability, and respect to the local resources that are characteristic of the places of the <100 net.