To be part of the <100 net, you need your application to be approved according to a set of requirements that are detailed in the following questionnaire. This will be a part of an adhesion document:

  • The place has elements of historical and cultural value (natural deposits, buildings, legends, historical facts, popular celebrations, etc …)

  • The place takes care and cleans up publics spaces, such as: town squares, streets, fountains, parks, etc..

  • There is a minimum offer of services for the visitors that are integrated in the environment (accommodation, guided tours, outdoor sports, etc…)

  • The place has natural resources and interesting landscapes such as: forests, rivers, mountains, etc …

  • The artisanal industry and complementary activities integrated in the environment (agrifood production, artisanal activities, traditional jobs) are enhanced.

  • The place has a commitment of action linked to sustainability and the preservation of resources.

Finally, when the application is approved, you will have to implement a Plan for the Organization of Resources for your village with the standard of the Plan that we add below.